Keeping the spirit of live music alive! 


To open a new dimension into the music industry bringing you closer to your favourite bands and undiscovered artists from around the world.  


GiG VR shares your local music scene with the world

We film gigs from all over this flat earth in 360 video for virtual reality.  Our content allows music fans to get closer to their favourite bands and experience live music in a whole new way.

These virtual reality experiences can be delivered through global distribution and social media platforms and enjoyed through VR goggles, mobile devices, computers, digital TV's and at 360 movie theatres.

Connecting fans and bands like never before.




Chris Brady
Co-founder and CEO

Promoted gigs in London at venues The Scotch of St James, The Hawley Arms, The Cuckoo Club, Heroes Bar, Bar solo.

Formed bespoke music production co. Brady Sharples with Steve Sharples (Moulin Rouge, the Fall)

Performed in bands Tricks of The Gods, Halfday, Andrew Morris and the Dry Bones, Lost of Love, James Grehan, Jilted.

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Philip Sheen
Co-founder and CMO

Philip started in the music industry as a street press photographer and reporter covering some of Australia’s biggest music festival lineups and venues.

Managing editor and creative director for various street press and branded publications.

Director of I Live Creative a Brisbane based Creative Agency.

Founder of Sheen Media a marketing agency based in Brisbane and Melbourne.

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Kohei Sugama
Head of business, Japan

Kohei has 20+ years of experience in leading aggressive growth campaigns through Marketing strategy, Advertising and Creative communications within the Entertainment, Digital Media and Broadcast industries.

Kohei’s previous experience includes:

  • BDM Senior Manager for Rakuten, developing a digital content streaming platform

  • Chief Content Officer for Gotchya! Media, providing Web TV services through video on demand broadband network in Japan

  • Senior VP of MTV - Japan

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michael_kwan_profile_image copy.png

Michael Kwan
Head of business, USA

Michael brings years of experience in Business development and customer success in emerging technologies - from ridesharing to sustainability and digital marketing.

Michael has a keen interest in utilizing blockchain and applying it to enhance media and content distribution through Virtual Reality technology.

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Yannik Heinze
Chainsulting CEO & Co-founder

With experience as a Blockchain and Startup advisor, Yannik Co-founded the company Chainsulting, to service the Blockchain & Distributed-Ledger-Technology community with consulting and development services which assist with investment, auditing and development opportunities within this exciting new industry.

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